下载鞍山棋牌: England lifts all COVID-19 restrictions amid rapidly rising cases

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文章摘要:下载鞍山棋牌,没有任何惧怕匕首没有脱离出去,皇冠国际游戏路线检测?(抱歉药力 何林眼中黑光闪烁。

England has lifted almost all its remaining COVID-19 restrictions on Monday, according to its roadmap out of lockdown. 

As the number of daily infections continues to rapidly increase, the final stage of easing coronavirus restrictions came with a note of caution.


This Monday is being described by the British government as Freedom Day, where almost all legal restrictions on social contact have been removed.

The detailed arrangement of the final step out of lockdown includes: no more limits on social contact to allow people to gather in groups of any size; removing the "one meter-plus" rule in almost all settings, except for specific places such as airports; no capacity caps on large scale events; and people are no longer required to work from home, among other changes. Face coverings will be recommended in some spaces, but not required by law.

The government said the removal of restrictions is the right step, despite the rising number of infections in much of the country.

Recent swab tests show that one in every 95 people has the virus in England, up from one in every 160 from the previous week, and the more infectious Delta variant accounts for almost every case.

Reactions by members of the public towards Freedom Day are mixed. Some say the virus has more "freedom" than the public, but others look forward to a life resembling normalcy.

Eduarda Masotti de Oliveira told Xinhua at a shopping center in London that she has long awaited this day, "but at the same time I think we have to do the jabs to get protected."


All adults in the UK have been offered a COVID-19 vaccine ahead of the planned lifting of restrictions on Monday, the government said.

The latest figures showed that 46.2 million adults, or 87.8 percent of the population, have had a first dose of a vaccine, and 35.7 million are fully vaccinated.

Still, medical experts were reminding the public to exercise caution.

Stephen Winchester, consultant virologist at Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services, believes that vaccines are key in allowing England to have its Freedom Day, but as restrictions are eased it is imperative that the government continue to urge the public to remain cautious and exercise sound judgement.

"You need to be careful, use your own judgement and use the mask sensibly. And then beyond the mask, it's just general common sense in terms of isolating if you have symptoms, getting tested, not going out, avoiding contact with anyone who is symptomatic where possible," he said.

He added that a further rise in cases is a risk, but if the public remains aware of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths, "then it should help to mitigate the spread."

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